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Dress - D.2 B.2

196 EUR


This A-line dress is made of black lightweight surplus linen. It consists of two aprons, one for the front + one for the back, and can be tied in multiple ways. The straps at the shoulder and waist allow you to adjust the dress as you please. Each apron has a pocket on each side, which means a total of 4 pockets. Designed to fit various sizes, this dress is easy to wear throughout the year, paired with a summery top or turtleneck and tights, depending on the seasons.

Handcrafted by Maligeshwari.

  • Width of each apron at waist: 72cm

  • Length from top centre to hem: 96cm

  • Fits sizes S, M & L (if you're unsure about sizing, email us with your query and we'll guide you)

  • A-line fit

  • Straps at shoulder and waist

  • Two pockets per apron, total of 4 pockets

  • Made from black lightweight surplus linen

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